Precision Nitrogen Trace  Zero Nitrogen generator for GC

Suitable for Carrier Gas and Make up Gas at trace detection limits Generates Zero Nitrogen on demand from compressed air Regenerative CMS columns remove Oxygen and moisture Catalyst chamber to remove Hydrocarbons (as methane) to 0.05ppm Ultra fast start-up time Minimum maintenance with an annual filter change Small and stackable

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Precision Hydrogen Hydrogen generator for GC

Suitable for Carrier Gas and Flame Gas at trace detection limits Proven PEM Technology to generate Hydrogen safely and reliably Desicant Dryers to ensure high level of purity Automatic loading pump as standard Maintenance limited to replacing de-ionizer cartridge and silica gel Short and easy start-up and shutdown procedures. Small and stackable. Creates Hydrogen on demand, minimal storage of Hydrogen in the system. Internal leak detection with automatic shutdown features.

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Custom made configurations

Peak generators may be incorporated into a fully individualized configurations involving several carriers and zero gas air. For exapmple: Zero Air + Hydrogen, Zero Air + Nitrogen + Hydrogen Trace , Zero Air + Nitrogen Trace

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